Never in my life has a trailer made me so emotional. I had to wipe tears from my eyes and take in deep breaths to stop shaking. Like... Whoah!! Great job. I can't wait to see it all come together in a way that I think only Dreamworks can. This trailer has made me even more pumped for the movie. ;) that being said, you told us you cried when you saw the movie screening... Was that surprising scene in the trailer one of those emotional moments? Because it certainly fits the part!! — Asked by nefertsukia

Actually no! I welled up a little, but there were two other parts that really brought the feels.

Hi kris0ten! I know the second dragon challenge is only for U.S. residents, but can not U.S. residents still participate? Just to join the fun… ? — Asked by chanalli

Yes! :)

It’s a bummer that we have to limit it to the US. Other countries have different laws governing contest rules and regulations, that’s why we have to keep it here. But we’ve also shared what we’re doing with our counterparts in other countries - it’s up to them if they want to run the same contests locally.

can you tell us how to pronounce Valka? I've been saying it with a short A but I heard it's a long A like Drago and I'm confused. Is it Val-ka or Vahl-ka? — Asked by howtotrainyourbabyboo

I think it’s Vahl-ka

how do we find you just to find you? lol
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If you are cosplaying HTTYD at WonderCon on Saturday

Find me. I might just have something for you.



holy flip

holy flip

That was so breathtakingly beautiful…..

I looked at him, and I saw myself. [x]
I looked at him, and I saw myself. [x]

Non Disclosure


Hey here’s a thought.  If you have seen HTTYD2 already, chances are you are under a NON DISCLOSURE agreement.  Doesn’t that mean anything to anyone?  The people at Dreamworks were cool enough to allow you to see the film, months in advance, for free, and you repay them with breaking a binding contract, when all you had to do was keep your mouth SHUT.  

Why would you post spoilers?  Because, that is exactly what you are doing, spoiling something.  You spoil it for the fans that don’t want to know surprises in advance, and you spoil it for the film makers who worked for years to put out a film to excite and entertain the fan base that they appreciate and love so much.

So, PLEASE, if you know something, just keep it to yourself.  You promised that you would and I would like to think that honestly still actually means something.

I don’t consider the stuff in our trailers to be spoilers, but I DO consider stuff from advance screenings to be spoilers. DON’T DO IT.

I was wondering maybe there could be a fanfiction section for DW contests? Maybe something creative like "write a fanfic in 6 words." There are a lot of talented writers in the fandom and I feel like writing is just as important as the art. : ) — Asked by hope-for-snow

Don’t worry, we’ve got a bunch of categories and I think there’s something for everyone :)


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